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SSL Certificates - Starting @ Only $8.75/Year

Protect your online customers with SSL. An SSL certificate creates a secure connection between a website and a visitor's browser. SSL ensures that all data remains private and secure and prevents hackers from stealing private information, such as credit card numbers and login information.

  • Secure Website Browsing
  • Safe eCommerce Checkout
  • 256 Bit Encryption
  • Site Seal & Instant Click Validation

NOTE: SSL requires a dedicated IP address. If you host with us and don't already have one, you can purchase one for only $3.00/month. If you use a different host, you will need to contact them for a dedicated IP.

Dedicated IP Address - $3.00/Month

Most website hosting users have little need for a dedicated IP address. However, a dedicated IP address does provide certain advantages:

  • You can view your website using its IP address.
  • You can access your accounts when the domain is inaccessible, like during domain propagation.
  • You can set up SSL protection on your website.

NOTE: To order a dedicated IP address, you must have a hosting account with us. If you purchased an SSL from us but use a different host, you will need to contact your host for a dedicated IP.

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